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Template:OkamiCharacter Yomigami (蘇神) is the Celestial Brush God of Rejuvenation. Taking the form of a dragon over a parchment, he is encountered by completing a constellation in the River of the Heavens. He is the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. He carries four yellow orbs in his claws, though their purpose is unknown.


Rejuveantion is used to fill in missing or broken parts of things. Ink used for Rejuvenation appears lighter than usual, like smoke. If you move the brush over an area where you can use Rejuvenation, greyish Holy Smoke will apear. As long as you fill in the broken part, the object will restore itself. Use the triangle button or move the Wii remote closer to the screen to paint a larger area at once.

As one of the least frequently required techniques, there exist only a few instances in which its restorative use is possible. These include;



Why if it isn't mother Amaterasu.

I apologize for not contacting you sooner during those long years.

Having never forgotten you, I, Yomigami, god of restoration,

have eagerly awaited this day when we could again meet.

While you were away, the 13 spirits of the brush that you

once possessed, including myself,

have been scattered across this land of men, and now lie in disarray.

I became a constellation and managed to survive until now.

The time has come for you to seek out and reunite all the techniques.

Your power is what is needed to restore the dried riverbed of

the heavens and renew the flow of stardust.


Advance promotional images for Okamiden have shown Yomigami with two "children" that resemble seahorses (the Japanese word for "seahorse" literally means "baby dragon"). Each child clutches a single orb in its two arms, which protrude from a small scroll that wraps around its b

File:E3-2010-okamiden-screens-20100615025229139 640w.jpg

Young Yomigami