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The Greatest Archer Yoichi
Gender Male
Race Human
Location City Checkpoint
North Ryoshima Coast
Appearances Ōkami
Why the sad look? You'll never get anywhere looking like that. It's bad luck! I'm Yoichi, the greatest archer among all the City Guards!


Yoichi (「ヨイチ」?) is self-proclaimed best archer in Nippon and wields his trusty bow, Goldenfire. He is first found at City Checkpoint, and is notable for his willigness to share apples with Amaterasu. Although there is nothing unique about him at first, Amaterasu then uses certain Celestial Brush techniques in combination with Yoichi's arrows to make certain things happen. The first example of this is when Amaterasu uses Inferno in conjuction with one of Yoichi's arrows to send the signal for the drawbridge at City Checkpoint to be lowered.

Yoichi does suspect that these weird occurences are the work of the gods, and is initially quite fearful, but soon realises his calling.


  • "The time's come for me to stop being so whimsical. My real journey starts here and now! We must have some kind of strange link between us. It's only when you two are around that the gods show their hand! I'll never forget both of you. If we ever meet again, let's share a few apples together! Farewell, my friends!"


  • Yoichi is based on the historical samurai Nasu no Yoichi (「那須 与一」?).
  • If the Guardian Sapling in Kamui has been restored but Amaterasu did not attempt to take down the petrified fruit of the one at North Ryoshima coast, she will no longer be able to do so, because Yoichi would have moved from North Ryoshima Coast.