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Yen in Ōkamiden

Yen (「円」?; en; circle; Yen) is the standardized unit of money used throughout Nippon. In the Japanese version of the game, this is called ryō(「両」?; ryō; obsolete unit of Japanese money), a unit of money that came to Japan during the Kamakura Era. This is why there are disceprancies between the real world currency of modern yen and what appears in the games.

Acquisition and use[edit | edit source]

Typically, Yen can be acquired via defeating enemies in Demon scrolls. However, some alternative means for obtaining money in the games include selling items, breaking pots and other valuables, or digging. The maximum amount of Yen that can be carried at one time differs by game. In Ōkami, a fully upgraded purse can hold up to ¥99,999,999, while in Ōkamiden, the purse can hold up to ¥9,999,999. In both games, however, money will transfer over to a New Game+

The primary use for Yen in the games is typically the purchase of Items and Divine Instruments that Amaterasu or Chibiterasu need throughout their journeys. When the either wolf arrives at a Dōjō, they can also use the same funds to purchase a slot in Onigiri-Sensei's classes to learn new Dōjō techniques. However, the lesser known purpose of money takes place at Divine springs, where the divine wolves have the chance to make offerings to their respective Celestial Brush gods in order to be granted the ability to use secret Celestial Brush technique.

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