Yami is the absolute ruler of all evil beings. He is the ultimate symbol of darkness. And he is nothing like those false gods of your fairytales!

Yami (「常闇ノ皇」?; Tokoyami no Sumeragi; Emperor of Everlasting Darkness) is the main antagonist of Ōkami, and considered Amaterasu's archenemy. Found on the Ark of Yamato, he is the final boss of the game.


True yami

Yami's true form

At first glance, Yami appears to be a mechanical sphere covered in arcane, Moon Tribe-like markings. As shown when Amaterasu fights the Lord of Darkness in the Ark of Yamato, the sphere is capable of altering itself into different forms, including disc-shaped platforms, a slot machine, a humanoid figure with whip-like arms and a giant clawed hand. Each transformation appears to change the shape and colors of the markings on Yami's body.

Yami's true form is that of a small black fish contained in a glass ball full of water. His body bears markings similar to Amaterasu's, but colored blue instead of red. This form is usually hidden within the larger mechanical sphere, and serves as Yami's primary weak point during the battle.



Yami's origins are unclear, as very little is said about him until the very end of the game, and his very existence is only revealed after Amaterasu confronts Ninetails at the peak of Oni Island. In Ōkamiden it's revealed that he had been the vessel of darkness for Akuro, likely willingly, given the dark spirit's unusual reverence for the demon.

It is believed that Yami and his demonic legion were being contained within the Ark of Yamato, though Waka was unaware of this when he brought the Ark to the Celestial Plain, fleeing an unknown catastrophe that wiped out the Moon Tribe, which also seems to be caused by Yami. When True Orochi later attacked the Celestial Plain, Waka evacuated the Celestials into the Ark and departed for safety. After they fled, Yami's endless legion of demons attacked, causing the event of the Ark of Yamato genocide, and the ark crashed into the mortal world soon after.


Two hundred years later, after Amaterasu and Oki vanquished Lechku and Nechku atop Wawku Shrine, the dark spirits of the twin demon owls merged with the essence of the previously defeated demons (Spider Queen, Crimson Helm, Orochi, Blight and Ninetails) and moved toward the Ark of Yamato. Later, Oki returned Kutone to its pedestal beside Laochi Lake. The moment the sword returned to its place, a silver light shot forth from it, melting the perpetual ice of Laochi Lake. Then the ark emerged and opened a rainbow path down to the pedestal. Amaterasu can board the ark, but Issun can't. Within the Ark, after engaging in rematches against Spider Queen, Crimson Helm, Orochi, Blight and Ninetails, Amaterasu advances forward to battle Yami. It is revealed that Waka has been trying to battle Yami, but to no avail, as his attacks left barely a scratch. As the eclipse of the Day of Darkness completes himself, Yami awakened, and drained Amaterasu of all her Celestial Brush techniques, then blasted Waka off the arena, seemingly to his death. Nonetheless, Amaterasu engaged in a long battle, regaining her powers as the fight progresses. Finally, Amaterasu seemingly defeated Yami, but then an illusion of Issun appeared, distracting the Sun Goddess from the recovered Yami. He grabbed Amaterasu, drained her of her Celestial Brush techniques, again, but this time, Yami destroyed the techniques' respective constellations. All hopes seemed lost, but then Issun, who had realized his destiny as a Celestial Envoy, spread the words of Amaterasu's deeds to the people of Nippon, thus restoring their faith in her. With her powers restored by people's faith, Amaterasu regained her full strength, and annihilated Yami for seemingly an eternity[Citation needed]. Then, Waka emerged from the depths of the Ark of Yamato, alive. He and Amaterasu returned to the Celestial Plain, restoring peace and harmony to the world.


Nine months after the events of Ōkami, darkness had suddenly returned to curse Nippon with its dark grip, and Amaterasu's son, Chibiterasu, came to dispel the darkness. Later, during the climax of his journey in the finale, it is revealed that upon Yami's destruction, Akuro fled from his body and its power was split and bestowed upon five other entities (Master Anura, Bullhead, Sen, Ryo, and King Fury), leaving the spirit greatly weakened. It proceeded to use Chibiterasu to help it recollect the four essences and complete himself with a vessel of light.[2]

Bestiary entries

First form

"This horrifying entity has been called 'Empty Death'.
It seeks complete destruction. For eons, it has been locked in
a struggle with the sun god. This fight has been described thusly:
Yami's destruction was countered by the sun god's Rejuvenation."

Second form

"Round, cold, and desolate as the moon, Yami has never been depicted
as a human or animal in any drawing. It is simply too
inorganic in appearances to warrant such portrayals.
Yami took on a ring form when attacked, rendering blows useless.
The beast was bathed in moonlight, the light acting as a blade."

Third form

"In most legends, gods are portrayed as good or evil; as representations
of specific animals. This is not the case of the dreaded Yami.
Yami belched fire and ice, but the god deflected the onslaught.
The beast attacked violently, with speed and unpredictability.
Only by slowing the flow of time could the sun god defend itself."

Fourth form

"Its inorganic nature resembles machinery, leading one gadgetry
expert to speculate that is is likely the source of all machines.
When the god attacked with thunder, the machine coughed forth a seed.
When the beast drew it back in, the god knew it must be the core.
The beast tried to seal away its core with an icy blast."

Fifth form

"In all these tales, there is no record of a decisive victor.
Has no one emerged victorious? Or was the event simply not recorded?
As the darkness tries to cover all, forget not the warmth of
purifying light. Prayer is power. Power is prayer"