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Race/Species Demon
Gender Male[1]
Appearance(s) Ōkami
Location(s) Ark of Yamato
Weakness(es) Bloom (first form)
Crescent (second form)
Veil of Mist (third form)
Thunderstorm, Blizzard (fourth form)
Sunrise (final form)
Attack method First form:
Missile launch
Laser blast
Crushing jump
Hammer strike
Single saw slash
Spiral saw slash
Second form:
Burning body
Burning pieces
Striking pieces
Third form:
Slot machine projectiles
Fourth form:
Arm sweep
Laser blast
Missile launch
Flying blasts
Ninestrike laser
Final form:
Darkness summon
Missile launch
Ramming rush
Lightning projectiles
Asteroid summon
Laser blast
Cyclone creation
Hand sweep
Weapon(s) Various armor forms
Background music Emperor Of Eternal Darkness
The Sun Rises
Yami is the absolute ruler of all evil beings. He is the ultimate symbol of darkness. And he is nothing like those false gods of your fairytales!


Yami (「常闇ノ皇」?; Tokoyami no Sumeragi; Emperor of Everlasting Darkness) is the main antagonist of Ōkami, and considered Amaterasu's archenemy. Found on the Ark of Yamato, he is the final boss of the game.


True yami

Yami's true form

At first glance, Yami appears to be a mechanical sphere covered in arcane, Moon Tribe-like markings. As shown when Amaterasu fights the Lord of Darkness in the Ark of Yamato, the sphere is capable of altering itself into different forms, including disc-shaped platforms, a slot machine, a humanoid figure with whip-like arms and a giant clawed hand. Each transformation appears to change the shape and colors of the markings on Yami's body.

Yami's true form is that of a small black fish contained in a glass ball full of water. His body bears markings similar to Amaterasu's, but colored blue instead of red. This form is usually hidden within the larger mechanical sphere, and serves as Yami's primary weak point during the battle.


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Bestiary entries

First form

"This horrifying entity has been called 'Empty Death'.
It seeks complete destruction. For eons, it has been locked in
a struggle with the sun god. This fight has been described thusly:
Yami's destruction was countered by the sun god's Rejuvenation."

Second form

"Round, cold, and desolate as the moon, Yami has never been depicted
as a human or animal in any drawing. It is simply too
inorganic in appearances to warrant such portrayals.
Yami took on a ring form when attacked, rendering blows useless.
The beast was bathed in moonlight, the light acting as a blade."

Third form

"In most legends, gods are portrayed as good or evil; as representations
of specific animals. This is not the case of the dreaded Yami.
Yami belched fire and ice, but the god deflected the onslaught.
The beast attacked violently, with speed and unpredictability.
Only by slowing the flow of time could the sun god defend itself."

Fourth form

"Its inorganic nature resembles machinery, leading one gadgetry
expert to speculate that is is likely the source of all machines.
When the god attacked with thunder, the machine coughed forth a seed.
When the beast drew it back in, the god knew it must be the core.
The beast tried to seal away its core with an icy blast."

Fifth form

"In all these tales, there is no record of a decisive victor.
Has no one emerged victorious? Or was the event simply not recorded?
As the darkness tries to cover all, forget not the warmth of
purifying light. Prayer is power. Power is prayer"



  • Yami (「闇」?; 「やみ」) means "darkness", "gloom" and "despair" (metaphorically)[3].
  • Prior to the battle, Yami is cloaked in total darkness, only revealing himself when the solar eclipse of the Day of Darkness begins; later, he adopts his final form at the same moment that the eclipse completes, with the sun completely covered by the moon. This may symbolize Yami defeating Amaterasu, as the villain's power is at his peak at the same time as the sun is completely obscured.
    • Despite Yami's links to the Moon, Crescent is very effective against him because it summons Nagi, who slices Yami in half with his sword, possibly because it gives moonlight, rather than blocking the sun as an eclipse does.
  • During the first, fourth and fifth phases of Yami's battle, the missiles that he launches are actually oversized clay figures.
  • In the Ark of Yamato, there are markings of Yami's final form. Also, in the concept art for the Ark, more of these markings are present.
  • In Shintoism, Hiruko (「蛭子, 水蛭子, 蛭子神, 蛭子命, 蛭児」?; Leech Son God, Leech Son, Leech Son Soul (Soul means God or Noble here) Leech Baby, Water Leech Son), the disabled, unfortunate first son of Izanami and Izanagi, notably fits the characteristics of Yami including deformed, fetus-like appearance. In some cases, Hiruko was worshipped as the Son of Sun by the folks where Hiruko stranded. Hence Hiruko is also called Hi no Miko (「日の御子」?; Son of God of the Sun). In other cases, Hiruko is also called Ebisu and the letters 蛭子 can be read as Ebisu as well.
    • Many fans in Japan pointed the similarities of Yami with Hiruko and considers that concepts of Yami include Hiruko's characteristics.
    • Unlike Yami, however, Hiruko is not evil.
  • Yami was the first woman in Vedic beliefs. She was a child of the Sun god and had a second n

    Yami in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes/Ultimate All-Stars.

    ame, YāmīnĪ, which means "night".
  • In Tibetian beliefs, Yami is the goddess of death and rules the female spirits of the underworld[4].
  • Yami's machinery appearance was based on Soranaki or KūBō (「空亡」?; Sky Decease, Void or Empty loss, Existence which equals non-existing, Unlimited Chi, Things are uncontrollable Chi which occurs against wills), the ultimate boss of Hyakki Yagyō. This can also be seen in the concept arts that Yami was originally named KūBō according to the Ōkami Official Complete Works. Legends of Soranaki was originally created through misidentification of the concepts of the Sun that banishes yokais, and Soranaki was created in the concept which regards "What if the Sun was actually a yokai?". Originally, Soranaki is the times in Sexagenary cycle when things won't work well according to the heaven, and Hiroshi Akamata later added the idea that the Sun appears during Soranaki.
    • Soranaki was not well known among publics in Japan until the release of Okami, and misunderstanding of Soranaki as a yokai, or the strongest yokai, suddenly spreaded, even more confusing publics' understandings.
  • Like Amaterasu, Yami is not able to speak. However, he appears to be capable of expressing rage.
  • Yami appears as the main antagonist in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes/Ultimate All-Stars as the one responsible for merging the universes of Capcom and Tatsunoko with the real world. As the final boss, he uses his first, fourth, and final forms from Ōkami.
  • Yami is likely influenced by the East Asian deity Yama, also known as Enma/Emma King of Hades, or King of Evil, or god of death; however, Yami does not share a visual resemblance to the god Yama.
  • According to Ōkami Official Complete Works, Yami was orginally called Empty Death during the design phase of Ōkami.
  • Yami's Final form is similar to Master Hand from Super Smash Bros series.



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