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My study of the art of cooking must go on. I will not abandon my cherished dream! Though this means I must start the ultimate dish again from scratch, such challenges make life worth living, right, pup?


Yama is a famous chef of Sei'an City, his restaurant being popular among the citizenry of the capital. He had cherished his dream of cooking the "ultimate dish". When Amaterasu brought him the "secret ingredient" (the Golden Mushroom), he made his cherished dream become a reality, and awakened Moegami's true power, granting Amaterasu Fireburst.

Yama wears a green happi with several red straps that help tying the sleeves up to his shoulder. He also has a white apron that has the kanji 「山」 (「やま」?; yama; lit. "mountain"[1]) tied to the waist. On his happi is the depiction of a field of water rice. Tied on his forehead is a white headband. Yama has a large straw fan that is used in cooking to fan fires upon early stages of burning wood. He also has some resemblance to a cat because of his cat ears-like hairstyle, triangular feline nose and eyes, and whisker-like markings on his cheeks.


  • Yama and his restaurant, along with Umi and his restaurant, are based on the Japanese story of The Restaurant of Many Orders.
  • The scroll with the Fireburst symbol is still present in Yama's kitchen during the events of Ōkamiden.
  • His English name is Japanese for "mountain", which is written as 「山」[1] and is also the kanji shown on his apron.


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