Wep'keer (「ウエペケレ」?; Uepekere) is a village Ōkami. It is the home of most of the Oina tribe members.



When Amaterasu first entered the village, she found it completely deserted and was unable to enter any houses. While looking for survivors of the raging blizzard, she stumbled upon Samickle in front of the village elder's house. She was denied entry, however, and decided to leave the village.

Before she could leave, a lone Oina appeared before her. She introduced herself as Kai and invited Amaterasu to rest at her house. Kai explained Kamui's situation in great detail, including how the demons were revived and why Oki was out in the wild with Kutone. She also mentioned that her younger sister, Lika, had gone missing, but before she could go into detail, the village elder Kemu summoned Amaterasu to his house.

After an awkward introduction, Kemu explained why finding Lika was crucial, and begged Amaterasu to find her before the raging blizzard froze Kamui. Later, as Amaterasu was about to depart for Yoshpet, she met with Kai again. Kai told her about the Day of Darkness. With the eclipse just a few days away, Kai offered to guide Amaterasu through the forest, and the two began their expedition.



  • Snowball Playground

Obtained itemsEdit


  • Sun Fragment: Behind the frozen waterfall directly underneath Kai's house.

Divine InstrumentsEdit

  • Resurrection Beads

Stray BeadsEdit

  • #80: Buried in a treasure chest next to the cranes.
  • #81: Buried in a treasure chest in the lowest area of the village, in the alcove with the bear.
  • #82: Buried in a treasure chest near Kai's house.
  • #83: Buried in a treasure chest in the far back of the snowball playground.

Trivia Edit

Wep'keer is derived from the Ainu language uwepeker (ウウェペケㇾ) meaning "storytelling".[1]

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