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Water Nymph
Appearances Ōkamiden
First encountered Sage Shrine
Attack method Whirlpool conjuration
Recovering whirlpool
Weapon(s) Water
Effective weapon(s) Providence Crystal (lightning)
Floral Finisher Power Slash (to core)
The Water Nymph (「濡女」?; Nure onna; lit. "wet woman") is a type of demon encountered in Ōkamiden. An aquatic creature, it is unique from any other demon types.


The Water Nymph is first encountered at the antechamber before the waterway of the Sage Shrine, blocking the entrance to the submerged tunnel. The Water Nymph takes the usual appearance as a vague shape of a maiden made out of water, with no distinctive feature but a pair of white eyes and a core of a glowing orange color at where the heart is. When exposed to wind, the Water Nymph is paralyzed for a second before collapsing into a pool of water, its core unprotected. After a while, it will create a large whirlpool before re-assuming the maiden form.


The Water Nymph was once a maiden who lost her life at sea (of unknown causes), and her vengeful spirits was turned into a demonic entity, seeking to cause suffering for all who are unfortunate to be in her path[1].

Bestiary entryEdit

  1. "A young maiden who lost her life at sea had her soul turned into a demon.
    She seeks to bring suffering to all whom she encounters.
    Conventional weapons cannot hurt her, but the wind could be an ally."


Immediately when a Water Nymph emerges, Chibiterasu has to use Galestorm to get its water protection down, revealing the vulnerable core, then bash the demon to death. Glaives are preferable for their heavy hits, but after some time, the Water Nymph will came to, and will conjure a whirlpool before rising up. Since this whirlpool is still susceptible to damage, Chibiterasu can switch to a Rosaries to safely assault her from afar. If Chibiterasu is using the Providence Crystal, then a Lightning crystal shot will do heavy damage, and will kill the Water Nymph before it can recover. When the Water Nymph is killed, use Power Slash on its core as its Floral Finisher.
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