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This article is about the creature; for the dungeon, see Inside the Water Dragon.

Water Dragon
King Wada (Water Dragon)
Gender Male (Wada)
Female (Otohime)
Race Dragonian
Location Ryoshima Coast
North Ryoshima Coast
Appearances Ōkami
It's supposed to be the god of the sea, keeping peace in the oceans. But one day it just went crazy and started attacking people.


The Water Dragon (「水龍」?; Suiryū) is the guardian deity of the Dragon Palace and the Dragonian race, but when driven into insanity, is a dangerous beast capable of causing extreme havoc on the coasts of Nippon.


The Water Dragon is a creature of massive scale, the length of at least three times the Goryeo. Along its gigantic body, strangely, no scales are observed, but only smooth light blue skin with dotted indigo marks are seen. The Water Dragon's head has its forehead covered in a decorative golden armor for King Wada, or just a simple crest in the case of Queen Otohime. Also, Wada's form has crimson whisker and beard, and near the heads of both Water Dragons are two short appendages (the form's substitute for their arms) lined with a crimson fin, pierced with certain decorations. On their heads, these fins are also present, raised high like a headcrest, which runs down the spine of the dragons as two parallel lines, the fin's height shortened. Interestingly, between these lines of fins, their back are shown to be like a walkway. Their tails are where the fins end, in a tipped and flat end.

The inside of the Water Dragon is very complex and equally dangerous. The digestive tract of the creature has thick walls of muscle in a blue shade, with scattered pearls, minerals and crystals inspired by dwarven mines in western fantasy[1]. At areas in the digestive tracts where large cavities for storing water are present, then so does high, single-based flat-topped platform that resembles a bit to certain types of fungi. Around the esophagus of the Water Dragon are clusters of small fungus-like plants, as well as fleshy trees that spurts out blood when cut down. The Water Dragon has two important chambers in its body: the heartcore and the stomach. The heart of the beast is the Dragon Orb, protected by a tangling mass of nigh-indestructible tissue, can only be dissolved by the very acid of the stomach nearby, from a "corridor" lined with crystals. The stomach chamber is a deep pool for storing crimson acid, dripping from above via a gland on the ceiling. This gland, ironically, is susceptible to corrosion from the acid it secreted itself, and with enough damage dealt, it will give it, releasing the flooding acid inside, filling the stomach chamber and the heartcore with the crimson dissolving agent. The muscle walls, however, are impervious to the corrosion that would normally dissolve nigh-indestructible tissue.


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  • Origins of Water Dragons and Dragonians are unclear, and it is possible that Water Dragons were originally separate beings from Dragonians.
  • The Water Dragons' design strongly indicates that it is based on a mixture of East Asian dragons, deep-sea fish like Pelican eel, Moray eel, and most notably the Oarfish, which is a symbol of messengers from the Ryūgū-jō hence called Messenger of Ryūgū (「リュウグウノツカイ」?; Ryūgū no Tsukai); thus being a sea dragon or a mermaid. The oarfish is also considered to be some of the animals misidentified with legendary sea serpents.
  • Alongside beings such as Mizuchi, there existed dragon deities in Nippon such as the Water Dragons with the purpose of overlooking and protecting the country's lands, nature, and living things.
  • Given Ōkamiden, it may be possible for a Dragonian to transform into the Water Dragon without the Dragon Orb, although they would require outside assistance, as shown when Otohime needed Chibiterasu's help to complete the rite of transformation.
  • The Water Dragon is one of the few monsters to attack and harm Amaterasu, yet does not have an entry in her Bestiary list. This is probably because Amaterasu never actually engages the Water Dragon in a battle.
  • After obtaining the Lucky Mallet from the Sunken Ship, it is possible for Amaterasu to avoid getting eaten by the Water Dragon by getting out of its roaming range. Amaterasu's successful escape is denoted by the soundtrack The Insane Water Dragon ceasing in volume (but still audible), played alongside Ryoshima Plains II.

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  1. "Inside the Water Dragon "Entrance":
    Although this is the inside of the Water Dragon, I had already decided that I was not going to make it all raw and meaty like the Emperor's insides. I incorporated elements of pearls and crystals, and I was also influences by the images of dwarven mines from western fantasy.
    —Suga (Ōkami Official Complete Works, page 200)