Wanted Lists are sidequests in which a character gives Amaterasu a list of five demons for her to destroy for reasons such as revenge and to protect themselves. All the demons can be found in the nearby area. There are four Wanted Lists in total and can be found in Shinshu Field, Taka Pass, Ryoshima Coast, and Kamui. The demons on each list are all of the same type.

The demons will appear in a Demon Scroll but only at night and in a certain area. When Amaterasu enters a Demon Scroll with one of the demons, she will see the Demon Scroll's respective demon marked by an Exorcising Arrow on the enemy, then it will be introduced. Also, the battle area cannot be escaped from. When the demon is defeated, Amaterasu has to cross their name off the list using the Celestial Brush.

When Amaterasu has completed the list, she must return it to its respective character and they will give her Gold Dust as a reward.

Demon listsEdit

Name Image Location Demon locations Demon type Demons
Mika's Monster Notebook
Mika's note
Near the torii to the Moon Cave entrance Shinshu Field Red Imp
  • Onimaru the Incorrigible
  • Biwamaru the Vandal
  • Akuzo the Interloper
  • Izo the String Cutter
  • Toya of the Short Temper
Haruka's Revenge Contract Kusa Village's inn Taka Pass Dead Fish
  • Bulging Eyes the Despised
  • Weirdo the Abhorrent
  • Death Fin the Repugnant
  • Red Devil the Detested
  • Curse Gill the Repulsive
Masu's Monster Manifest Yama's restaurant, Sei'an City at night Ryoshima Coast Thunder Ear
  • Dishonorable Tempest
  • Foul Thunder
  • Petulant Lightning
  • Storm of Degradation
  • Shame Flasher
Wali's Record of Penance Wali's hut on the bank of the large frozen river at Kamui Kamui Igloo Turtle
  • Creeping Igloo
  • Snowy Stigma
  • Stalking Blizzard
  • Cold Remorse
  • Frozen Penitence
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