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Distressed Youngster Wali
Gender Male
Race Oina
Location Kamui
Appearances Ōkami
I'm doomed to spend my days here, living in fear of those monsters.


Wali (「ワリウネクル」?; Wariunekuru) is a character in Ōkami who lives in Kamui and gives Amaterasu a Wanted List. His house is immediately to the north-west of the Kamui mermaid spring. Like all Oina, he can be turned too and from his wolf form by circling him with the Celestial Brush.


He considers the recent misfortunes in Kamui to be his fault since he touched Kutone[Citation needed], the sacred sword of the Oina tribe. However, this is just a mental reference between everyday happenings and his contact with Kutone, thus dramatizing the events, considering them to be spiritual retribution. Therefore, Issun proclaims that Wali has "delusions of grandeur"[Citation needed].


10.1 Wariunekuru

Canine form