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Kemu volc

Kemu performing the Volcanic Incantation.

The Volcanic Incantation was a ritual performed by a member of the Oina Tribe each year, that caused the twin peaks of Ezofuji to erupt, bringing warmth to the cold land of Kamui.

It was usually the job of the Wep'keer elder Kemu to recite this. However, one year, the elder, having been attacked by Lechku & Nechku, was too poorly to perform the ritual, so it fell to the young Lika to perform it. The Twin Demons had a plan to freeze Kamui over so that they could take it over, this plan involved stealing Lika away so that no one would be able to recite the incantation. To achieve their goal Lechku & Nechku lured Lika into the Spirit Gate, leaving it up to Amaterasu and Issun to rescue her. The pair had until the Day of Darkness to find and return Lika as the lack of sunlight combined with the endless blizzard induced by the Blizzard machine would decimate all life in Kamui.

Lika volc

Lika performing the Volcanic Incantation.

When they finally found Lika in the past, Issun asked her if she could really perform the Volcanic Incantation. At first she was confused as she didn't know the name of the incantation. Once she realized what they were refereeing to she told them that she could mimic Kemu's prayer perfectly. Amaterasu and Issun brought Lika back through the Spirit Gate on the Day of Darkness. While the people of Kamui were afraid that it may be too late for the incantation to save them, Amaterasu carried Lika to the altar at Ezofuji to perform the ritual. After she completed it, the twin peaks of Ezofuji erupted once again, preventing Kamui from freezing over.

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