About color templates

As I'm sure those who've taken a peek under the hood on any given article is aware, we don't use hex codes for too much on this Wikia. Instead, we use a little something called color templates! These were created by former admin, Clubchloe1 as a way to reduce unnecessary memorization for anyone who chooses to edit or start a new page. However, with these templates, there is sometimes a bit of confusion as to where to even find these templates, much less figure out which ones to use. That's what this blog post is going to try to cover today!

How to add colors

In a majority of cases, adding a color to a project is as simple as filling in the color parameter on an existing template via the Source Editor, which we highly recommend using on this Wikia. However, to avoid confusion, here are some of the most common uses of color templates you can expect to see and perhaps even employ yourself!


In the majority of our infobox templates, there is already a color parameter. When a hex code or color template is added to it, it will automatically color the infobox whatever color you've chosen!

{{Character infobox
|color={{insert color here}}

Background of a page

Specifically for things falling under the Techniques category, you'll need to be able to color both the infobox and the background of the page. Since infoboxes were already covered, let's tackle coloring a background, since you may even want to personalize your Profile with this trick! By adding the color template to the first parameter of the {{Background}} template, you can color backgrounds! For Techniques, there is usually a specific color to do that with, so be sure to look for the specific techniques color before going too crazy with your colors >w0

{{background|{{insert color here}}}}

Quote box

Adding a color to a Quote box isn't too unlike adding it to the background of a page or an infbox. You have a couple more parameters, but these aren't too terrible; I promise. The quote box default to a pretty neutral color, so if you don't add one, you're still okay. However, if you're feeling like adding some spice to a page, take a peek at the example below to get a feel of how to add colors effectively to a Quote Box!

|color={{Use white here so people can read the text}}
|bgcolor={{insert color here}}
|border={{insert color dark here}}
|center=put "yes" to have the text centered,
"no" if not

When to add a color

Adding a color can largely depend on the kind of article you'll be working with, so there isn't always one clear answer to this question. However, below are some ideas of when it'd be appropriate to add colors and where.

Character articles

For character articles, the background should be left alone. However, infoboxes are where you get to let that brush god inside you shine just a tiny bit! By adding color to an infobox, you help to make the page look nicer, and keep readers interested! However, we do have some guidelines for adding colors.

A character's infobox shouldn't be any random color, but rather one that matches or represents them in some way. For example, Sakuya should have a pink infobox, and Oki should have a red one. As a general rule of thumb, pick the most dominant color that a character is wearing or has on them to make their official infobox color.


Techniques pages area bit of a unique beast. Not only are their infoboxes colored, but they also get their own special backgrounds too! However, these guys are pretty easy to figure out. By simply finding and adding the color that matches their name--for example {{ice color}} for Icestorm--you can color both the infobox and background so they match!

Important colors

As far as important colors go, we do have a couple. These are the ones most often used in other templates around the Wikia for notifications and other purposes. Knowing what these guys are isn't too important to you unless you're going to be making a new template, but it's good to know these guys all the same.

They are:

When to add new colors

Adding new colors isn't always necessary unless it's one you or someone else happens to use a lot. If this is the case, try to find a template maker hanging around somewhere and see if they'll help you, or perhaps try your hand at template making yourself! If you need some general advice, see here!

Complete list of colors

As far as finding out what colors we have, all of them can be found here, but since that doesn't show you what all of them look like, nor what colors are what, hidden in the spoiler is a complete list of all the colors we currently have available to everyone!

Keep in mind that most of these have Light and Dark variations, but that those variations are not listed here. To see those, please find them here.

If you would like to add some other colors based on Japanese tradition, check out this site!

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