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  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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Heiya! I'm MarrylLuna! Note that the Marryl name is my alter ego, and not my real name~~

I'm a fast gamer! I can finish up many missions or storyline quickly, varying with the progress. That privilege also allows me to play almost any game without the need of help from other players!

Hei~~!! I'm also an artiste! I really- like to draw! Like in Okami series, we draw with a simple brush, together with some black colored ink~~ I'm not good at coloring....But I'll triump over it!

Ooo---!!!! Hei, finding some boring details is my specialty! So leave any(not all) edits to me! I may also create some new pages if I found some awesome important infos!

Hey! Since Okami and Okamiden is one of my favourite Japanese ancient-mythological/edo-period type game, I've created a base idea for my manga that has many referrence with the game itself! So far, both Okami and Okamiden series had taken the manga's idea by 30% total......(Night, June 06).


MarrylLuna(alter ego) , is a very quirky, energetic, enigmatic, empathetic and cross introvert-extroverted person. She is known to asks a bunch of questions, most likely in a form of clouded riddles. She is also very fast with her hands, as she knows and really like to draw and doodle.

Special Tribute For Ōkami & ŌkamidenEdit

Open the Spoiler alerts!! And you can view it! I'd like to work as one of the game designers~.... Well, we can't actually beat a deity, especially the important and benevolent ones! I give this tribute to you Sakuya! Well, she has been called a bunch of times as "Tree Sprite", but she has power over protecting the valley for god's sake!

Shiranui! AKA Amaterasu's past life! They(she) is so cute!

Under here is My personal Addition(if I'm one of Capcom's staff)Edit

Name Hikitori
Gender Female
Race Human
Family Onigiri-Sensei
Weapon Tsukuyomi (Replica)
Attack Method Moon Draw
Arrow Spikes
Shading Slash
Age 12
Description The granddaughter of the Onigiri-Sensei. After her grandfather's gone away after the earthquake prior Okamiden, she went out to seek the cause the most parts of Nippon inaccessible. Upon one meeting, she encountered a horrible monster! It was a horrible witch that stare at her, menacingly.

Then, mysteriously, she woke up in Hana Valley. When crossing Shinshu Field, she meets with the Moon Shrine's priest, Mika. She went there to help her rid of the curse. But Tama wasn't able to help. Disappointed, she went into Lake Harami, glancing the view until it is nighttime. At the perceptive moment, when she prayed very hard, she saw the moon shines. Then, it hits her, literally by a moonstruck.

Mysteriously, once she woke up, she is in Kamiki Village, directly inside the Cave of Nagi. She she glanced upon Nagi's statue, she see Tohenboku, in the form of Tsukuyomi. Admiring it, she is encountered by Susano, whom was quite surprised to she her there. Quickly, Hikitori ran outside as fast as she can leaving Susano in a blur. Upon exiting, she saw Sakuya and was shocked to see a deity. Sakuya, whom are surprised for a mere mortal to be able to see her, bestow upon her the responsibility to be able to wield the Divine Instruments(with a slightly overrated details).

Then, miraculously, she ends up in Sei'an City. There, she met Kagu, Kiku and Tsuruya. Whom are currently building the Theater House... At that time, Kagu was surprised to see her(looking oblivious). Kagu said "Hey! What are staring at?! You can look at me if you wanna be normal!". Hikitori startled, she explained that she kept getting warped into several location in the pass 24 hours. Kagu consult and advise her to go meet Miko Cho in Himiko's Palace.

She went to meet Miko Cho. In her walk, the bridge to Sei'an City (Aristocratic Quarter) is raised, and she can't swim. There, she saw a white animal flying in mid-air with a pair of pink wings, wandering whatever it could be.


Note to SelfEdit

My colors are; Light Cyan, Dodger Blue and Navy.

While also; Lime Green, Light Sea Green and Yellow(slightly Yellow) on others.

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