aka Keldeo

  • I live in The Pokemon White 2 game of this user...
  • I was born on June 30
  • My occupation is Template maker
  • I am a genderless Level 100 Keldeo

Hi! I'm Clubchloe1, and I go by on here as Chloe. I'm a human Keldeo. I'm a video game freak, and I play mostly "kid" games, but I'll love them no matter what! I do not that many games, but some of them I am hooked on is Skylanders, Crash Bandicoot, and Pokémon. I honestly don't have that much interest of Ōkami anymore, but I'm still editing here! I won't be adding that much information to articles, but I can definitely contribute to templates, where I have done the most work with on the wiki. If you have a question about something in the games, please do not bug me about it, as I have very little knowledge of the Ōkami series; the user to bug is Tormented Sufferer. Happy editing! ;D

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