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The Umbrella Namahage are an enemy that is encountered in Ōkami. They are only found in Kamui, along with the other forms of Namahage. They are Kamui's equivalent of the Blue imp, Halo guardian and Clay Flyer.


Legend holds that a man was attacked by an Umbrella Namahage during a blizzard. But he pointed out that it is actually too windy for creatures to be out flying. The Umbrella Namahage, realizing this, left the man in embarrassment

Bestiary entryEdit

"Legend tells of flying Namahage, who are often shown with umbrellas.
One tale describe a man who was attacked during a snowstorm.
He said, 'It is too windy for Namahage to be out flying'.
Hearing this, the Namahage left the scene in embarrassment.
We can assume that they won't show themselves when it is windy."


Since they are the equivalent of Blue imps, Halo guardians and Clay Flyers, Umbrella Namahage use the same battle tactics of their lesser forms: attacking Amaterasu from the air with blue objects. They are also able to dive bomb Amaterasu when left alone. Amaterasu can bring them out of the sky by using Galestorm, which is also their Floral Finisher (yields two Demon Fangs).
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