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Umami (「」?), nicknamed Sweet, is one of the two cooks who prepare meals for Orochi in Ōkamiden, along with Ajimi, and is also known as one of the best cooks in Nippon, though this position was threatened when the human Charity shows potential for surpassing her own cooking skills.

When Charity was captured by the imps to be a new cook, Umami became jealous. She decided to go to the Ice Room to get ingredients, and while cooking them, she will "accidentally" cook Charity. Chibiterasu and Manpuku stowed away on her submarine to the Ice Room, though they remained unnoticed until they get back into the Moon Cave. Manpuku and Chibiterasu went to rescue Charity and had to fight a couple of demons. After defeating them, they were able to rescue Manpuku's mother.

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