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Tuskle is an Oina and a priestess of the tribe, and she lives next to the gates of Wawku Shrine. Tuskle wears a headdress with two small owls that appear to represent Lechku & Nechku. The owls flap their wings when she talks, first with the silver, then on the gold one. As an Oina, Tuskle has a thin, blue wolf form. She retains her headdress although the owls no longer move.

When Amaterasu and Issun came to see her, she told them of the legend of the Ark of Yamato. She also gave them the Sewaprolo amulet so that they could bypass the Oina seal and enter Yoshpet. Once Amaterasu and Issun had rescued Lika and brought her to the lake shrine, she told them of Oki's unauthorized act of breaking into the Wawku Shrine and how she tried to stop him. She then went with Lika to perform the Volcanic Incantation before Kamui freezes over forever. After Amaterasu and Oki defeated the Twin Demons, Tuskle witnessed the Ark of Yamato rise from the frozen lake. She stood with Lika in front of the rainbow bridge to the ark.

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