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Tube Fox
Tube Fox
Appearances Ōkami
First encountered Inside the Water Dragon
Attack method Bullets
Ink drain
Floral Finisher Power Slash
The Tube Foxes (「管キツネ」?; Kuda-kitsune) are a group of eight foxes in Ōkami. They are encountered within the Water Dragon.


The Tube Foxes are the physical manifestations of fox souls that inhabit the Fox Rods. They are therefore the key to the Dark Lord Ninetails' power. The Foxes emerge after Amaterasu rips out the Dragon Orb from the Water Dragon's stomach tissue. They proceed to attack as glowing orbs of foxfire before revealing themselves as hooded foxes. Upon defeat, they merge together to form the Fox Rods, which possess unimaginable power.

Adept and cunning beasts, Tube Foxes are demons of high standing and power. Though they are extremely tenacious and insubordinate, powerful sorcerers know the secret to breaking the beasts to their wills, allowing them to be tamed and commanded easily. While these sorcerers find Tube Foxes as great sources of wealth, where Tube Foxes find their bounties are of grave consequence at the cost of others, stealing them from common people and being the source of famine and disease as the result.

Bestiary Entry

"Also known as Izuna, it is often under the control of sorcery.
Competent sorcerers can use it as a source of great wealth.
It is frequently the cause of famine and disease.
To control this powerful beast, one needs supreme power and skill."


The Tube Foxes fight Amaterasu in three waves, the first and third containing three foxes and the second containing two. Amaterasu must defeat all eight to win the battle.

Their attacks are similar to the Canine Warriors, in that they howl before unleashing a barrage of slashes. They are also capable of firing multiple bullets at Amaterasu for minor damage, in a manner similar to Rosaries as sub weapon. Their most annoying attack by far is draining Amaterasu's ink very quickly. This will render her powerless and defenseless in only a matter of seconds. Therefore, it is recommended that she uses an Inkfinity Stone during the battle.

When defeated, they can be Power Slashed for two Demon Fangs.


  • The Bestiary Entry for the Fox Rods states that they contain 9 fox souls, but only eight Tube Foxes are fought within the Water Dragon. One could presume that the ninth fox soul was the one inhabiting Rao's body (the "main" soul of Ninetails).
  • The Tube Foxes appear again in the North Ryoshima Coast Devil gate trial cave, this time in a group of twelve rather than eight.
  • The Tube Foxes are based on Kuda-gitsune, a creature supposedly employed by Japanese kitsune-tsukai, those who use foxes as spirit familiars. They have been described as a rat-sized fox which can be kept in a bamboo tube.
  • Their ability to do a dance that steals from an ability gauge is similar to the Nobody enemy from the first Devil May Cry, which could dance to deplete Dante's Devil Trigger gauge.
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