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Tsuta Ruins (3)
Type Dungeon
Notable inhabitants Tsutagami
Spider Queen
Enemies Imps
Bud Ogre
Items Treasures and items
Sun Fragment
Stray bead ×3
Appearances Ōkami
Background music Tsutamaki Ruins
Connecting locations

Agata Forest

Tsuta Ruins (「ツタ巻遺跡」?; Tsutamaki iseki) is a dungeon located in Agata Forest, and the first to be visited by Amaterasu in Ōkami.


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Obtained items


  • Enhancing Divinity: Near the entrance of the ruins.
  • Godhood Tips: To the left of the base of the staircase immediately before battling the Spider Queen.

Stray Beads

  • #18: After the encounter with Blockhead. On the alcove nearest to the bridge up above in the room (connected to the bridge via a tree trunk ramp), behind the clay statues is a strangely-looking wall that can be destroyed with Cherry Bomb. Inside is a secret chamber with a Giant Bud, using Bloom on it will yield the Stray Bead.
  • #19: After clearing the poison from the ruins' water source. Behind the waterfall in the room is another secret chamber with a Stray Bead-holding Giant Bud. Bloom the vegetation to obtain the bead.
  • #20: In the hall where the first Bud Ogre is encountered. Look for a Konohana Blossom above the hall, use Vine to reach it, where another Giant Bud is. The Stray Bead it will release, should it be Bloomed.