Reflector marked with knowledge, faith, and power. Tramples evil.

in-game description
The Trinity Mirror (「辺津鏡」?; Hetsu-kagami) is the fourth and second most powerful Reflector Amaterasu acquires. It is actually three mirrors used as one. It has the same swinging attack and Sub-Reflector Counterattack ability of any Reflector. It is the second most powerful Reflector in the game, only surpassed by Solar Flare.


This Divine Instrument can be bought from the Weapon Dealer in Sei'an City for ¥150,000 after the defeat of Ninetails, or from the Merchant in Kamiki Village (100 years ago).


Trinity Mirroringame

Trinity Mirror equipped by Amaterasu in Ōkami

  • The Trinity Mirror, as its name suggests, is actually three small mirrors combined. It is the only Reflector composed of more than one mirror.
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