Scrap of paper? Do not dishonor me with such an unflattering name. My name is Tobi!

Tobi (「疾飛丸」?; Hayatobimaru) is a sentient prayer slip inscribed with the four kanji 陏身保命 (mind your body; preserve your life). He was created to be the gatekeeper of Oni Island but his true passion is racing. During the course of the game he challenges Amaterasu to a series of Racing minigames. After Amaterasu wins the final race, Tobi dies and disintegrates, being stripped of his life for abandoning his post as gatekeeper, though he states that he died without regret, doing the one thing he loved. When he dies, like other demons, he turns into flora. However, unlike other demons, Tobi only turns into one flower, not a large cluster.


  • He looks very similar to Rao's Prayer Slips.
  • Japanese amulets are used for luck or protection purposes and are usually dedicated to Shinto deities as well as Buddhist figures. There are various types of Japanese amulets being one known example the omamori (お守り).