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Thunderstorm is one among thirteen Celestial Brush techniques in Ōkami and eleven in Ōkamiden. Obtained by both Amaterasu and Chibiterasu, it is granted by Gekigami. Utilizing lightning sources, Amaterasu or Chibiterasu can electrify their desired targets, whether it is demons or puzzle-solving elements. In combat, Thunderstorm can deal heavy damage to most opponents and paralyze them for a while, making them vulnerable for further attacks. In puzzle solving, Thunderstorm is used to activate mechanism, open doors, etc.



During Amaterasu's visit at Oni Island, she found Gekigami's statue on an alcove, but his arrow is missing. After she used Rejuvenation to restore it, the statue fired the arrow, which flies toward the storm clouds and exploded, clearing them and revealing the constellation of Gekigami. After completing it, Gekigami appears and after briefly assaulting Amaterasu with his lighting arrows, he greeted her and granted her Thunderstorm.


While Chibiterasu and Kurow are exploring the Underground Ruins, they reached a dead end on the third basement, blocked by lightning. After exiting the ruins, they attempted to reach the Thundercloud above the ruins in order to try to stop the lightning, but failed, as the winds on the way there was too strong, and they crashed back to Agata Forest. Later, after Chibiterasu has learnt Galestorm and Kurow has fixed his wings, they succeeded in reaching the Thundercloud. After a game of music with the Thunders atop the Thundercloud, they acknowledged Chibiterasu and Kurow's spirits of music, and the constellation of Gekigami appeared, which then his child granted Chibiterasu Thunderstorm.


In both Ōkami and Ōkamiden, Thunderbolt is Thunderstorm's single upgrade. By drawing a zigzag in the shape of a lightning bolt, Amaterasu and chibiterasu can summon a massive thunderbolt capable of electrocuting and burning anything unfortunate enough to be within its very wide radius.


  • When used on NPCs, Thunderstorm will have the same outcome as when Inferno is used on these characters: they will be rendered black and smoking.

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