The Thundercloud (「雷雲」?; Rai'un) is a large, spiraling cloud home to the Thunders. It features four changing weather patterns around it and large drums that enable extremely high jumps. It is first accessed after the second visit to the Demon Market, when Kurow found his wings and Galestorm has been learned. The Thundercloud is initially a one tour area, however, it can be reached again once Chibiterasu gains the ability to warp through Origin Mirrors.


In the Underground Ruins, Chibiterasu and Kurow reach the inner chamber, which is blocked off by intense lightning coming from above. They leave and try to reach the Thundercloud using Kurow's wings, but they are blown away by strong gusts of wind and land in Agata Forest. They returned to the Demon Market in a second visit, which then Kurow found his wings and Chibiterasu learns Galestorm in the Witch Queen's chamber. After escaping the market, they head towards the Thundercloud again. After a Galestorm minigame, they arrive at Thundercloud, and travel up its spirals to find out who is sending the lightning down and why. They reach the top and find a band playing music that is summoning the lightning, and the band explains that Gen asked them to send lightning down and that Gen is a close friend of theirs[citation needed]. They offer to still help if Chibiterasu and Kurow could prove their love for music through a music note minigame. After the minigame, they give Chibiterasu and Kurow a Thunder Drum that protects them from all electric currents. The duo then return to the Underground Ruins, and are able to cross through any electric barrier in the Ruins. After reaching the inner chamber again, they pass through the strong current with the Drum, but the intensity of it causes the Thunder Drum to break. After this, they cannot go back through the Ruins, and they must continue on.



  • All members of the Thunders wear tiger striped clothing, a reference to the Brush God Gekigami. They are also avid fans of music.
    • The Thunders are avid fans of music most likely because in Japanese mythology, it is said the the sound of Thunder comes from the Gods playing music with Thunder Drums.
  • If Chibiterasu revisits this area with Manpuku, the Thunder Clan woman near the rainbow bridge expresses a strong interest in him[citation needed].
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