The Thunder Doom Mirror (「轟雷雲外鏡」?; Gōrai Ungaikyō) is a type of demon encountered in Ōkami. It belongs to the Doom Mirror category of demons.


The Thunder Doom Mirror is first encountered in the miniature version of the Imperial Palace, outside at the garden just past the cells where Kaguya was held. Other than in the Imperial Palace, the Thunder Doom Mirror is not encountered anywhere else but North Ryoshima Coast's Devil gate trial cave. The Thunder Doom Mirror is a seemingly ordinary, palm-sized, circular hand mirror with a jagged edge of thirteen spikes and a rim segmented into eight parts, each with a lightning bolt in the center. The mirror's most distinguishing feature, however, is the reflection it has on its surface. Instead of showing the usual reflection, the mirror has the face of a Kabuki actor on its surface.


The Thunder Doom Mirror was once a mirror of a Kabuki actor, but when it was discarded, it was struck by lightning and became this demon. When plays and actings are bad, this demon will appear and cause a thunderstorm, but if the acting continues, it will eventually leaves, for its aloof and emotionless nature.

Bestiary EntryEdit

"A discarded mirror long used by an actor was struck by lightning and became this creature.
Bad acting causes it to appear and rain thunder down.
Aloof and emotionless, it will leave if the acting continues.
When you see clouds, just blow to stop lightning from striking."


The Thunder Doom Mirror, upon emerging, is covered in thunderclouds as an impenetrable defense. This defense repels any kind of damage, thus Galestorm or Whirlwind is required to blow the clouds away, rendering the demon vulnerable. After the procedure, use Golden Fury, Brown Rage and the Thief's Glove to start farming it, then strike it once with an attack to provoke an offense from the demon. Retreat to a certain distance, then execute a Sub-Reflector counterattack to waste the demon outright. If not, it would be stunned, an opportunity to deal a final strike, killing the demon. Use Galestorm as its Floral Finisher.


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