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Canine Warrior Tei
Gender Male
Race Canine (Tosa-Ken)
Location Kusa Village
Gale Shrine
Family Princess Fuse (owner)
Yatsu (previous owner)
Appearances Ōkami
Princess Fuse forbids me to join in fruitless battles, but I want you to prove your right to bear the Canine Tracker!


Tei (「悌狗」?; Teikō; dog of brotherhood/dog of respectfulness) is a member of the Canine Warriors, being the last of the five found in Kusa Village. He challenged Amaterasu to a fight to prove her right to bear the Canine Tracker she had, but after that he apologizes for his behavior to Princess Fuse when she appears.


Tei is a pink/magenta Tosa-Ken dog. He wears an orange bandana with the Orb of Brotherhood around his neck. He has a short muzzle and short drooping ears, with a lost right eye.


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Bestiary entry

"'Tei' stands for 'brotherhood'.
Brotherly affection breeds understanding.
It allows us to be ourselves and accept our fate..."


Tei is not at all a difficult opponent. When the battle starts, Amaterasu can immediately approach him and begins her assault with farming techniques. After the farming procedures are completed, Amaterasu has to focus on attacking Tei while simultaneously defending from the Canine Warrior's offense. When Tei jumps into the air and perform a somersault before landing, his Brotherhood Orb glowing, Amaterasu has to run to a certain distance, wait for Tei to lunge at her, and when he has covered half the distance between his original position and Amaterasu's, execute a Sub-Reflector Counterattack to gain a Demon Fang and defend from the attack. Another variation of this attack is a series of multiple lunge and bites. When sufficient damage is dealt, Tei will be stunned, a chance for Amaterasu to deal further damage.


  1. "You got something for me to do? I can help."—Tei (Ōkamiden)