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The Tao Troopers are Queen Himiko's group of special soldiers. The elite group is under the command of Waka and have been since their creation 200 years ago.[1]

Story[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Tao Troopers was formed by Waka as a special unit which serves as Queen Himiko's special troopers. The headquarter of the unit is a floating building above Sei'an City, formed by the sole leader of the Tao Troopers in the past centuries. Not much is known about their actual purpose to Himiko or their role in Sei'an beside the fact that they are specialized units, though it is unknown about what they are specialized in.

Ōkami[edit | edit source]

In Ōkami, the Tao Trooper does not serve an important role in the storyline, except for Waka who takes orders from Queen Himiko[citation needed]. Abe, one of the Tao Troopers, had his Tao Mask stolen by Hayazo. By retaking it and giving it back to the despaired Tao Tropper, Amaterasu and Issun can obtain some details about the Tao Troopers, as well as Waka's age.

Ōkamiden[edit | edit source]

In Ōkamiden, the Tao Troopers' influence on the storyline is none at best. Their floating headquarter cannot be seen due to the mechanics of the camera's control, nor could it be reached, because Waterspout's extension of geysers is not present in the game. One of the guards (specifically the one in front of the Imperial Palace) said something about the Tao Troopers as a bunch of oddballs. He also mentioned Waka's absence for almost a year, leaving the troopers.[2]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Waka was the person who employed Moon Tribe technology in Nippon, most notably computers with holographic screens in the Tao Troopers' headquarter, and only he can operate these devices.[3]
  • In Ōkamiden, it is possible that the Tao Trooper's headquarter had moved away from Sei'an City, because even though the power spring extension of Waterspout is not present in the game, Chibiterasu could have reached the building via Vine. The developers of the game may have also chosen to ignore the headquarter entirely.
  • The Tao Troopers Abe and Kamo are based on the famous onmyōdō practitioners Abe no Seimei and Kamo no Yasunori.
  • The symbol seen on Abe and Kamo headgears is a pentagram (「五芒星」?; gobō-sei), that represents the Japanese five fundamental elements (「五大」?; godai): Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Void. The pentagram is also closely associated to Onmyōdō.

References[edit | edit source]

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