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Taka Pass (1)
Type Plain (hub)
Notable inhabitants Mr. and Mrs. Cutter
Enemies Crow Tengu
Dead Fish
Items Various treasures
Sun Fragment
Stray bead ×6
Appearances Ōkami
Taka Pass (「高宮平」?; Takamiya-daira; lit. "plain of the high shrine"[1][2][3]) is a location in Ōkami. One of the largest areas in the game, it is the site of many quests and a crossroads to numerous locations in the game. It is opened after Amaterasu helps create a new bridge from Agata Forest.

In Ōkamiden, Taka Pass is rendered inaccessible due to rubble from recent earthquakes blocking the path from Agata Forest and Ryoshima Coast, separating Taka Pass, City Checkpoint, Sasa Sanctuary and Kusa Village from the rest of Nippon.


Taka Pass, true to its name, is a large plain surrounded by mountain ranges, giving the location the terrain of a mountain pass, or a hollow-like area. The mountain ranges surrounding the pass are cut in several parts, creating the paths to Agata Forest and the City Checkpoint. On one cliff, a cave was bored into the mountains, creating a series of caves and tunnels that leads to an upper elevation, where Taka Pass' Guardian Sapling is. In the ranges, one mountain is Mt. Kamiji, where Kusa Village lies at the top[Citation needed], connected to the lower plain by a set of stone staircase, carved directly into the mountain. There is also a waterfall that flows from atop Mount Kamiji, which seems to originate from small water canals in the flower garden of Kusa Village. As mentioned above, the terrain of Taka Pass is of a hollow, and as such, the closer to the center of the pass, the lower the elevation. Several parts of the plain were also dug away into pits, with an elevation lower than even the plain itself, and dirt paths on slopes connect them to the main elevation. Interestingly, these pits seems to be formed by nature itself, since the aforementioned waterfall eventually flows into a small pond in a pit, where the house of Mr. and Mrs. Cutter is, and there is no other known flows of the waterfall that leads away from this pit; thus the waterfall has been flowing into this pit for a long time, proving its natural formation.

Taka Pass has a very varied biodiversity, whether in flora or fauna. Clusters of bamboo are found almost anywhere in the pass, and near the entrance to the City Checkpoint, many sakura trees are found. Scattered throughout the plain are lines of large trees that are also found at other locations of Eastern Nippon, which are chopped down to be used as firewood or for other purposes. Populating Taka Pass are many types of animals, with some such as canines, birds, rodents, etc.

The human population of Taka Pass relies mainly on commerce for a livelihood, with the merchant near the entrance to Agata Forest, a teahouse owner, and a treasure seeker near the path to the City Checkpoint. Due to a lack in fish in the area[Citation needed], the merchant here has increased the price of the fish that he buys from passing travelers. This economical decline may have been a result of the rise of Orochi, whose dark powers has obliterated most lifeforms in areas.


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Obtained items

Stray Beads

  • #21: Hidden in a pond in the cave where Waka is fought; look for bubbles, then use Power Slash and the Stray Bead should float up.
  • #22: Buried in a treasure chest behind the Cutters' house.
  • #23: Found buried in a treasure chest near Bingo.
  • #24: Buried in a treasure chest under a leaf pile which is near the Mermaid spring.
  • #25: In the burning chest in the cave leading to the upper plateau to where the Guardian Sapling is. Extinguish the fire with Waterspout.
  • #26: In a cave that can only be accessed by penetration with Digging Champ.