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Tai lives in Sasa Sanctuary and a member of the Sparrow Clan. Tai is the child of Jamba and the little brother of Chun's, who often spoiled him as a hatchling, therefore resulting in his immature personality.[1]


When Amaterasu first meets him he is crying over Take who has gone missing. When Princess Fuse tasks Amaterasu with locating her missing Canine Warriors, Amaterasu can find Take sleeping in a bamboo stalk in the grove. Power Slashing the bamboo to reveal Take will cause Tai to come and rejoice over his found dog. However, Take will reveal himself to be a member of the Canine Warriors and will fight Amaterasu to test her worth. This will anger Tai as he believes it was Amaterasu who frightened away Take. After the battle, Take will relinquish his Satomi Power Orb and stay with Tai as he believes Tai needs protection from the demons and it is his duty to do so.

If Amaterasu were to visit the Sanctuary after the defeat of Orochi, Tai will be among those who express joy and praise for her deed. Tai will also offer Amaterasu a place to stay so he may take care of both her and Take.


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