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I neither seek help from a god nor a demon, the heroic bloodline of Nagi is all I require to slay you!


Susano (スサノオ) is the direct descendant of the legendary hero Nagi residing in Kamiki Village. Lazy, proud, and often a coward, Susano makes a spur-of-the-moment descision to take on the monsters of Nippon himself, something Amaterasu knows he can't do on his own. He carries an affection for the sake brewer, Kushi.


Susano can be found sleeping in various areas throughout the first half of the game, claiming to be "meditating." He oftens attempts feats that are impossible on his own, prompting the player to give him a hand with the Celestial Brush.

It appears, however, that he has at least some of his own power, as the boulder blocking the way out of Kamiki cannot be removed with Ammy's Power Slash alone. He also defeats Crimson Helm and Orochi's 'Fire' head on his own, which shows he grows in strength during the course of the game, from being unable to cut straw figures to being able to bifurcate Orochi's last head without help.




Susano claims to be a descendant of the hero Nagi. He seems to be proud of this, but it causes others to expect more of him than what he is capable of. This drives him to the Moon Cave, where he draws the sword Tsukuyomi to prove that the legend is "nothing but a fairy tale." Unfortunately, the legend proves true, and his actions result in Orochi's resurrection. He flees to Kamiki and blocks the entrance.

He later cleaves the rock in two with Amaterasu's secret assistance. Deciding to take on the monsters, Susano departs. With the player present, he soon finds that he is suddenly able to slice through anything, and credits the change to his sword, believing it is possessed. He later believes that the apparent increase in power is the work of the gods, "dogging his steps" as punishment for releasing Orochi and imploring him to set things right. He goes to pray for an increase of power at the Gale Shrine, but he is unable to get past Crimson Helm's barrier and instead falls asleep at the entrance. The ghost of Yatsu, the head priest of the shrine, notes there is a 'dark power' preventing him from using his inner eye to look into Susano's dreams, hinting that Orochi is actually the one bothering Susano. Susano rushes into the shrine when the barrier is lifted and appears when Crimson Helm summons eight Orochi heads to attack Ammy. Susano slices the heads with Ammy's help and, once she conjures up some wind, uses a secret technique to cut Crimson Helm's head into several pieces (the first time he actually cuts something up without Ammy needing to use Power Slash to finish it off), showing that he is capable of performing great acts if needed. However, he is still disturbed and rants at the gods. He goes back to Kamiki and holes himself up in his house on the night of the sacrifice, even after his belved Kushi is chosen as Orochi's sacrifice. However, as Ammy enters the Moon Cave to search for Kushi, Susano can be seen hiding behind a rock at the entrance.

Susano eventually comes through, however, rushing to the Moon Cave to assist Amaterasu and rescue Kushi. He admits to his crimes and refuses to swear allegiance to Orochi, helping Amaterasu decapitate seven heads and cleaving the last one in half without the player's assistance.


Susano appears early in the game. He is now Kushi's husband and Kuni's father and is looked upon as a hero in Kamiki Village. It appears he has blocked the entrance to the village with a large boulder to prevent anything from entering or exiting the village, like in Okami. Template:Spoiler End


  • "Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?"
  • "One should never turn down a drink, at least not one from his wife!"


  • After defeating Orochi, the player can find Susano and Kushi in the Cave of Nagi, where Susano reveals that he's been able to see Amaterasu's true form all along. This makes sense, as Ammy's true form is only visible to those who believe in the gods; if Susano did not, he wouldn't worry about his questionable karma.
  • Susano can be summoned in the battle with Yami, but Amaterasu must first re-obtain the Crescent brush technique. When Crescent is used, Susano appears and slices Yami in half, causing his core to be exposed to attack. Susano also causes some damage to Yami as well.
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