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This article is about a character in the Ōkami series; for the Shinto god of storm, see Susanoo.

The Great Warrior Susano
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Kamiki Village
Family Kushi (wife)
Kuni (adoptive son)
Nagi (ancestor)
Appearances Ōkami
Background music Ōkami:
Practice-Ditching Susano
Susano's Training
Susano's Theme
I neither seek help from a god nor a demon, the heroic bloodline of Nagi is all I require to slay you!


Susano (「スサノオ」?; Susano'o) is the direct descendant of the legendary hero Nagi and resides in Kamiki Village. He carries an affection for the local sake brewer, Kushi.


Susano has an almost identical face to that of Nagi. The top of his head is bald and framed by black hair that sticks up on either side, and he has a full beard that connects to his large, single eyebrow. Susano has a prominent red nose and beady, white eyes, with three lashes on each. His clothes are extremely similar to Kuni's. He wears a simple, sleeveless, purple outfit with a red belt and simple black shoes. Around his neck is a necklace sporting a large, green magatama. Susano has short, stubby legs, large, hairy forearms and hands, and small biceps. His sword, Tohenboku, is a simple wooden sword with a little twig adorning a leaf on it.


Susano is initially shown as a lazy, alcohol-loving warrior who dreams about Kushi and who wants to distance himself from the greatness of his ancestor. He can be found sleeping in various areas throughout the first half of the game, claiming to be "meditating" or "training." However, he will go to great lengths to improve himself and to defend those he loves.

He is known to have high faith in the gods, beside the fact that he was furious with them at first when he is stuck being Nagi's descendant. He is able to see Amaterasu's marking since the beginning, much to Issun's surprise.

Susano is in fact, not very bright. He is highly self-proclaiming despite his bad language and choice of grammar. For example, in Ōkamiden, the post sign in front of his house says "Home of Susano, the World's Bestest Swordsman".

Od susano

Susano's Ōkamiden artwork.


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  • "Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?"
  • "One should never turn down a drink, at least not one from his wife!"
  • "I am Susano, the greatest warrior who ever lived!"
  • "Foolish beast! Did you really think you could deceive me?! The only pact for me is the one that comes with my bloodline! If it is my fate to fall battling evil, then so be it. I seek help from neither god nor demon! The heroic bloodline of Nagi is all I require to slay you!"
  • "Beyond this point lies my secret training ground. It's the perfect place to hide-Er... I mean, to train!"
  • "What will the neighbors think?!"


  • Susano is based on the Japanese god of storms, Susanoo.
  • If Power Slash is used on a scroll in Susano's house, a picture of Kushi is found behind it. In Ōkamiden, one of Issun's paintings can be found in the same place.
  • Susano's sword in Ōkamiden retains the flower from the battle against Orochi, but the blade is back to being plain wood.
  • In the end of the credit roll of Ōkami (PlayStation2 version), among several pieces of artwork depicting characters' lives after Amaterasu's departure, one showed Susano and Kushi with a child. However, this child was never shown in Ōkamiden, presumably replaced by Kuni. This artwork can also be seen in the archive of Presents from Issun, or in the artbook.