Sun Fragment

Sun Fragments (「太陽のかけら」?; Taiyō no kakera) are special stones scattered across Nippon in Ōkami. Most are well-hidden, requiring a very skilled person to uncover them. However, something very special happens if Amaterasu is able to collect three of them.


Sun Fragments are largely used to increase health without the use of Praise. Doing so require the collection of three Fragments, which will yield 1 unit of Solar energy. If Amaterasu ever wants to learn how many more she needs until she acquires a new unit of health, she need not look any further than the Fan Menu. Beneath the equipped Holy Artifacts, Amaterasu has access to a small green-ish counter, separated into three sections, which represent the number of fragments she's found.


Through various sidequests, Amaterasu will have access to a grand total of 15 Sun Fragments throughout her journey, rewarding her with 5 total units of Solar energy. In addition to the 15 units she can upgrade to naturally via the use of Praise, this nets Amaterasu a grand total of 20 units of health.

Many times, Sun Fragments appear in Treasure chests after she completed a Devil gate trial cave or a sidequest where one is a reward. Below is a master list of all of the places where she can find the Fragments and a brief description of how to obtain them.

Sun Fragment master listEdit

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