Ink Pot and Solar Energy become limitless. Attack power x10.

In-game description, Ōkami
The String of Beads (「唯我独尊の数珠」?; Yuigadokuson no juzu) is a prayer necklace made up of 100 Stray Beads scattered across Nippon in Ōkami. In Ōkamiden, it is obtained after all of 50 pieces of Issun's Masterpieces are obtained.


The String of Beads is made from Stray Beads, scattered throughout Nippon in chests, secret bosses, underground, etc. It is the most powerful item that is obtainable in Ōkami. When in use, Amaterasu is granted unlimited Solar energy, ink and has her attack power increased tenfold. In Ōkamiden, the String of Beads retains the same effects except the attack boost.


  • In Ōkami, if the String of Beads is to be completed in only the first playthrough of a save file, then in the Result screen, the complete String of Beads will have the description: "All Stray Beads have been united! The String of Beads is complete!". If the String of Beads is completed in subsequent playthroughs, it will consequently not be obtained in the Results screen, thus not displaying the description above.
  • In the HD version of Ōkami, completing the String of Beads will reward Amaterasu with the Leave No Chest Unopened achievement.
  • The String of Beads will prevent ink loss from the miasma in Kusa Village, though it will still not allow the use of brush powers.
  • In Ōkami, during farming procedures, the String of Beads has to be unequipped, since it increases the damage output of Amaterasu's attacks tenfold, all of her farming techniques became fatal single-hit kills to demons, thus preventing her from being able to complete the procedures.
  • The Buddhist prayer beads (「数珠」?; juzu/zuzu) have 108 beads. This number is symbolically significant in Buddhism as there are 108 passions that a person must overcome to achieve nirvana.
  • In Islam, the Dhikr chant uses Tasbih beads, which has 33 beads in a string, in allusion to the Islamic god's names, which are 99, and his most common one, "Allah", making an actual 100. In the chant, the first count of the bead string are 33 chants of the saying "Subhan'Allah", the next 33 times is the saying "Alhamdulillah" and the other and last 34 times is the saying "Allahuakbar".
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