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The Stone Dragon is a minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden. The Stone Dragon is first encountered in the Playhouse, where it spits projectiles across the path. Stone Dragons differ in mobility; some permanently face a single direction, while some have the ability to turn their heads. Stone Dragons are large, dark gray stone busts of dragons with yellow eyes and a red gemstone set in the forehead. When Chibiterasu approaches into the demon's attacking vicinity, the gemstone lights a thin blue glow and emits a sound.


Stone Dragons were originally the prized work of a sculptor, who refused to eat or sleep until it was completed. It uses cursed flames to burn those who have no appreciation for it[1] (though Chibiterasu will not actually be burned by its attack).

Bestiary entry[]

  1. "Sculpted by an artist who took no food or rest until it was completed.
    All who fail to show it respect will be burned with a cursed flame."


The Stone Dragon is immune to every form of direct attack, both Divine Instruments and Celestial Brush techniques. The only way to kill it is to lure it to fire a projectile, then use Power Slash to deflect it back at the dragon, which will kill it instantly.