It's a Spirit Floor, and only those with a special gift can see it.

Spirit floor
A Spirit Floor is a supernatural platform designed to form bridges across chasms and waterways. Spirit Floors can only be observed by those with special abilities or heritage, usually an individual who possesses great spiritual discipline and magic, such as a Miko. In Ōkamiden, Kagu is the only human who can perceive Spirit Floors wherever they may be. They are first encountered in Sei'an City, directly outside the Playhouse.

There are two types of Spirit Floors: red and yellow. Red are more common and can only be crossed by Chibiterasu's partner. Yellow floors are quite rare and only appear in the Playhouse. They can be crossed by both Chibiterasu and his partner. If Chibiterasu is not carrying a partner on his back, the floor will disappear, however it can still be crossed.


  • Spirit Floors bear the Taijitu (「太極図」?; Taikyokuzu), the symbol of yin and yang (traditional Chinese: 陰陽, lit. shadow and light), a Taoist concept that describes how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interdependent and interconnected in the natural world and balance each other out, being also an emanation of Tao (the Absolute). In Japanese the yin-yang concept is pronounced in'and have had some influence in Japanese philosophy. For instance Onmyōdō was substantially influenced by yin-yang and Taoism.
    • In early concept art, this symbol was also used as the Tao Troopers' insignia, being that fictional group composed by Onmyōdō practitioners (onmyōji).
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