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The Sparrow Clan own an inn in Sasa Sanctuary. They are very hard working and hospitable to their guests. However, they only open their inn to those who are pure of heart. When Amaterasu first meets them they refuse to open their inn, denying Amaterasu access to Sasa Sanctuary, until she rescues their "princess", Chun, from Mr & Mrs Cutter. Jamba is Chun's Father and the leader of the clan.

The Sparrow Clan are based on the Clan of Sparrows in Shita-kiri Suzume or Tongue Cut Sparrow. In this story they are hospitable to an old man who comes looking for his sparrow friend whom his cruel wife chased off by cutting out it's tongue. Upon his departure they offer him the choice of a large or small basket for being so kind to the sparrow he nursed back to health. The man chooses the small basket as he is old and it will be easier to carry home. When he arrives home he finds it full to the brim with treasure. His greedy wife finds out about the large basket and goes up the mountain to get it. The Sparrows warn her not to open it, alas, she does and falls down the mountain in fright, to her death, as the basket is full of monsters.

Like in the legend, they present Amaterasu with a wealth of Treasures if she goes to Jamba's throne room after saving Chun.


  • The Sparrow Clan are the only anthropomorphic race in Ōkami. The Oina are excluded because they possess a human form, instead of being anthropomorphic animals.
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