Sun-centric Reflector imbued with the burning power of fire.

in-game description
Solar Flare (「八咫鏡」?; Yata no Kagami) is the final and most powerful Reflector that Amaterasu obtained. It is the Reflector Shiranui, Amaterasu's past self, wielded. It appears once Amaterasu regains all of her 13 Celestial Brush techniques. When she does, the Celestial Brush gods appear before her and grant her the Reflector.

The flames projected by this Reflector can be used for Inferno, effectively phasing out the need for torches or other sources of fire, such as Fireburst.


Solar Flare was the Divine Instrument Amaterasu used in the past when she was at the peak of her power (going by the name of Shiranui). However, when Amaterasu died, she lost her Celestial Brush techniques and this Reflector with them. When she was reborn, she was instead given the Divine Retribution Reflector by Sakuya and had to track down her techniques again.

Amaterasu eventually found all the Brush Techniques. As she collected the last one in Wawku Shrine, the Celestial Brush gods she had met on her journey appeared before her and granted her this Reflector again.


Solar Flareingame

Solar Flare equipped by Amaterasu in Ōkami

  • Barring charged Glaive strikes, Solar Flare has the largest raw damage of all the Divine Instruments in Ōkami (refer to this article for more details).
  • This Reflector replaces Divine Retribution as the Divine Instrument in most major cutscenes after its acquisition.
  • Like Divine Retribution, Solar Flare resembles the sun.
  • Solar Flare, as indicated by its name in the original Japanese version of Ōkami, is inspired by the sacred mirror Yata no Kagami, one of the three objects of the Imperial Regalia of Japan.

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