Reflector marked with a beastly seal. Grants ink bullet power.

in-game description
Snarling Beast (「神獣鏡」?; Shinjū-kyō) is Amaterasu's third Divine Instrument received in Ōkami. It is the second-tier Reflector.


Snarling Beast is a Reflector with the depiction as a golden disc apparatus that has a polished sheen and consists of three parts: the central disc, the perimeter decoration and the seal. The cental disc is covered in intricate engravings, and on top of it is grafted with the seal, which is a set of heads of creatures that seems to be the qilin, or lion or tiger or different animals. Around the central disc is the perimeter decorations, which is an external circle with eight bladed protrusions on it, with a blue line running along the circle and on each protrusion. In action, the central disc and the seal spin in opposite directions.



The Snarling Beast performs the basic multi-hit lashing combo of Reflectors. The original combo has three vicious alternating side-to-side swings, but can be further extended to a four and ultimately five hit combo via 4 Winds and 5 Winds, adding another left-to-right swing and a finishing strike, respectively.


The Snarling Beast acts as a shield to guard against incoming attacks, and with proper timing, Amaterasu can execute the Sub-Reflector Counterattack, a very powerful pile-driver that can kill the attacker with a single strike, though the enemy must not be too large or is a boss. This technique often grants a Demon Fang upon successful execution, but with certain cases, none is yielded. By learning the Wailing Mirror technique then equipping two Reflectors, one as a main and the other as a sub, Amaterasu is guaranteed to always obtain a Demon Fang with a successful Sub-Reflector Counterattack, while the blocking time is extended, and the damage output for both the main and sub Reflectors are increased.


Upon vanquishing the Spider Queen in the Tsuta Ruins, the Snarling Beast is unsealed from the demon's magic and obtained by Amaterasu[citation needed].


Snarling Beastingame

Snarling Beast equipped by Amaterasu in Ōkami

  • Snarling Beast is the only Reflector in the game to grant Amaterasu the Ink Bullet power.
  • The shape of the Snarling Beast is based on the Dharmachakra (「法輪」?; Hōrin), a symbol in Buddhism that represents the Buddha's doctrine.
  • Snaling Beast is also inspired by the ancient object Shinju-kyo, hence its name.