The Snake Sash (「蛇帯」?; Jatai; Snake Obi) is an demon encountered in Ōkamiden. It belongs to the Flying Demons category, and is the sole member of its category to appear in Ōkamiden.


The Snake Sash is first encountered in Agata Forest while the forest is flooded; it is found on a floating log near the Five-Story Pagoda. The Snake Sash is made up of cut bamboo pieces linked together, half green and half purple. At either end is a fanged mouth cut into the end piece, with an eyeball in the throat. A number of swords are embedded in the demon, surrounded by what appears to be blood stains.


The Snake Sash originated as a bamboo tree used for sword practice by a samurai. Some dark power, however, animated the cut pieces of the tree into this demon. It attacks anyone who crosses its path, using each sharp piece of its body as a weapon.[1]

Bestiary EntryEdit

  1. A samurai used a bamboo tree for sword practice, and those pieces became this
    beast of segmented evil. Now each jagged piece of its body is a
    weapon, and it will have its revenge on anyone who crosses its path.


The best weapon to use against a Snake Sash is the Providence Crystal; its electrically charged attack, in particular, can open it to attack without the use of Celestial Brush techniques and does a great deal of damage. Without using the Providence Crystal, the Snake Sash can be made open to attack by deflecting one of its sword throws with Power Slash or striking it with Thunderstorm; the latter is often made easy by a partnered Thunder Ear or second Snake Sash which drops a lightning bolt on defeat. Once weakened, brush techniques and strong hits from weapons like Glaives work very well. Once finished, a final Thunderstorm or Thunderbolt as its Floral Finisher will cause it to drop a Demon Bone.


  • Like some of the monsters in the series, the Snake Sash is based on a tsukumogami, the Jatai, which is said to become animated if an obi is placed near a pillow, which would then become animated from the dreams of snakes it's wearer would dream up, and hunt down men as a result.
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