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Template:OkamiCharacter Shiranui (白野威 "White-wild Majesty") is the historical hero of Kamiki Village from one hundred years ago. Shiranui is Amaterasu's previous incarnation at full power, wielding the Solar Flare Reflector.



100 years ago when the ceremony to sacrifice a maiden to Orochi drew near, a white wolf was seen roaming around the village at night. The villagers, thinking the wolf as a familiar of Orochi, named the wolf "Shiranui". Because the villagers thought Shiranui to be a familiar of Orochi, a man named Nagi attempted to challenge it, but the wolf would use its swift movements to escape from him every time.

On the night of the festival, when it was discovered that Nagi's beloved, Nami, was to be sacrificed to Orochi, Nagi disguised himself as Nami to gain access to and slay Orochi. However, his attempts seemed to be in vain because of Orochi's steel-hard hide. During their battle, Nagi was brutally injured. Just before the fatal blow was to be dealt to Nagi, Shiranui arrived and stepped in to battle Orochi.

After hours of fighting, Shiranui received many wounds and was about to lose the battle. When the final blow was about to be struck, Shiranui lifted it's head and howled, summoning the moon, which gave Nagi new strength that helped him defeat and seal Orochi. Even though the battle was won, it came at a price. Shiranui had been poisoned by Orochi's deadly claws during the battle and was slowly, but surely, dying. Nagi carried Shiranui back to the village where the wolf quietly passed away. The villagers built a shrine on the resting grounds in honor of Shiranui's brave deeds.



Ishaku's painting of Shiranui.

Journey to the Past

Amaterasu heads back through the Spirit Gate to aid Nagi in fighting the Orochi, she is mistaken for Shiranui during this time. Just as Nagi is about to be crushed by a falling boulder Shiranui appears and pushes him out of the way, Amaterasu in turn saves Shiranui from being hit by that very boulder.

Shiranui in the Present

Sensing trouble for Shiranui's future self, the wolf travelled 100 years into the future through the Spirit Gate it assisted Amaterasu in combating Nechku. Oki appeared at the end of the battle, and fought with Lechku. When Oki's passion drove him to attempt a desperate attack to finish the two demons off for good, Lechku used its power to stop time, giving Nechku the chance to deliver a devastating blow to Oki. This attack hit Shiranui, who had knocked Oki out of the way to take the full force of the attack. After Amaterasu and Oki defeat Lechku and Nechku, Shiranui travels back in time to Amaterasu's battle with True Orochi. She arrived just in time to block Orochi's final attack from claiming Nagi's life. Nagi then carried Shiranui's fatally wounded body back to the village, where the wolf died from its wounds.

When Amaterasu's power is fully restored in her final battle with Yami, she is also restored to her true form, taking on the appearance of Shiranui.


A recently released trailer shows that Chibiterasu will go through the Spirit Gate and encounter Shiranui at some point. Ishaku is also with Shiranui and acts as it's mouth. Oddly, Shiranui refers to Chibiterasu as her grandson, which suggests that Amaterasu is actually Shiranui's daughter and not a different incarnation of her [1].

Gender Disputes

In the original PlayStation Version, Shiranui remains genderless. However as Amaterasu is based off the Shinto Sun Goddess and Shiranui is a past incarnation of Amaterasu, it is said that Shiranui is a girl. In the Wii version Shiranui is said to be a male even though Amaterasu is referred to as a female by other characters. This causes a lot of confusion with fans choosing to call them what they want to. A blog post by Capcom for Okamiden refers to Shiranui as a male[2].Possibly some of the confusion is due to translation issues as the Japanese language does not have gender-specific pronouns e.g "his" "hers" "him" "her" etc.


  • One of the Karmic Transformers (Karmic Transformer 7) gives Amaterasu the appearance of Shiranui throughout the entire game.
  • When Amaterasu visits Ishaku, Issun's grandfather, in Ponc'tan, he calls her by her nickname "Ammy" rather than "Shiranui". This is because the name "Shiranui" is the name given to Amaterasu 100 years ago by the villagers of Kamiki Village.
  • In the battle with Nechku, Shiranui draws with golden ink.


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