Shinshu Field (100 years ago) is the century-past counterpart of Shinshu Field. It is traversed in both Ōkami and Ōkamiden during Amaterasu and Chibiterasu's trips to the past. While the area accessible mostly resembles the modern Shinshu Field, most pathways to other areas (namely Hana Valley, Agata Forest, and Kamui) are not yet made and some other details are different.


Shinshu Field's geography is mostly the same 100 years in the past, though it is cut short by a strange disappearance of the ground partway into the area. Three iron rocks are encountered throughout the field, making the Praise from the Clovers under them unobtainable if Amaterasu has not obtained Power Slash 2. The Guardian Sapling is completely missing in Ōkami, but is replaced by a tree that can be bloomed in Ōkamiden. The passageway to Yakushi Village can be entered, but the actual entryway to the village has not yet been built.



Amaterasu passes through the past version of Shinshu Field while carrying the unconscious Nagi to the Moon Cave. The area contains nothing particularly important to the story, but does contain the only instances of the Clay army demons.


Chibiterasu makes his passage through Shinshu Field in the past while, like Amaterasu, racing to the Moon Cave, but his trip is in order to stop Akuro from bathing its vessel in the blood of True Orochi. Little changes from the previous game except that Chibiterasu is joined by Manpuku, who needs assistance in rescuing his mother Charity. The demons fought are also different, changing from the Clay army to members of the Beast demon group.


  • The 100 years ago locations are the only ones in the game to contain anything which can be permanently missed: in Shinshu, if the player has not fought a Clay Soldier and a Clay Flyer before entering the Moon Cave, it will not be possible to complete the Bestiary without starting a New Game+ since the Spirit Gate cannot be re-entered. The other Clay enemies can be added to the Bestiary later during the Devil Gate trial in Kamui for Stray Bead #79.
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