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Shinshu Field (「神州平原」?; Shinshū heigen; Plain of the divine state) is a location in Ōkami and Ōkamiden. It is the first open area that Amaterasu and Issun can visit, as well as the first place found to be covered in the darkness of a cursed zone. This area is the center of most of Amaterasu's travel across Nippon for most of the first major arc. It connects to many different areas.


Shinshu Field is a large field said to be "the most beautiful field in Nippon"[citation needed]. It has a paths leading to Kamiki Village, Hana Valley, the Moon Cave, Agata Forest, Yakushi Village and Kamui. The field mostly consists of hills and grassland. Lake Harami and the Moon Cave are located in the southern section of the field. Nameless Man, Tama, Mika and Ida along with many wild animals live in the field. Onigiri-Sensei also has a Dōjō in the field.



  • Mika's Monster Notebook
  • Ida's Races
  • Vase Offerings

Obtained items[]


Celestial Brush technique[]


  • Feedbags
  • Exorcism Slips
  • Vengeance Slips
  • Holy Bones

Stray Beads[]

  • #5: Behind Nameless Man's kiln in a corner, buried in a treasure chest.
  • #6: Near Ongiri Sensei's dojo, buried in a chest on a ledge overlooking the entrance to Kamiki Village.
  • #7: Buried in a treasure chest across the river from the Guardian Sapling.
  • #8: Buried in a treasure chest on the left side of the hill leading to the Moon Cave.
  • #9: Given to Amaterasu by Nameless Man after she delivered all of his vases to the Guardian Statues.
  • #10: Given to Amaterasu by Tama, after she rekindles his spirit with Cherry Bomb 3.

Shinshu Field (100 years ago)[]

Shinshu Field has a century-past counterpart beyond the Spirit Gate. This self of the field, however, is eerily quiet with demons as the primary inhabitants, in stark contrast to the present-day field.


  • Shinshu Field is a parallel to present day Nagano Prefecture, in ancient times called Shinshū (「信州」?; shinshuu). The characters used in the name are a pun on the real characters' pronunciation—both the characters「神」(「かみ」?; kami; lit. "god, the supernatural") and「信」(「しんじ・る」?; [verb] shinji・ru) have the on'yomi pronunciation of shin (「しん」?). Such a pun on character in this case is used in reference to the divine link between nature and Amaterasu.