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Shikibu is a character in Ōkamiden. She was a famous writer who lived in the Sage Shrine and protected the Knowing Jewel. She was the writer who created the spirit Genji as the perfect man. She gets mad easily, and is apparently Issun's size because Chibiterasu and Nanami are required to use the Lucky Mallet to shrink themselves to get inside the Sage Shrine.

Shikibu has long black hair tied into buns on the sides of her temples with what an angler fish for a headdress. Her clothes are an ordinary-looking shirt with an orange collar, sleeve ends and hemline, and leaves of seaweeds for a dress. She also has an ornamental blue necklace. Her face is round, has two pink blushes, and two dots on the forehead above the eyebrow.


  • Shikibu is based on Murasaki Shikibu, a famous writer who wrote the well known novel The Tale of Genji.
  • It is unknown what race she is; she is either a Dragonian who was shrunk down to the size of a Poncle using the Lucky Mallet or being a Poncle herself.

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