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Seven Strike
Seven Strike
Amaterasu equipped with Seven Strike.
Appearances Ōkami
Type Glaive
Use Slashing strikes (Main)
Slashing uppercut (Sub)
Source Weapons Merchant (Sei'an City)
Imp Merchant (Oni Island)
Found Sei'an City
Oni Island
Cost to buy ¥100,000
Cost to sell N/A
Glaive whose edge is divided into seven parts. Grants ink bullet power.

—in-game description

Seven Strike (「七支刀」?; Nanatsusaya no Tachi) is the second Divine Instrument of the Glaive class Amaterasu acquires. It is a seven-pointed red Glaive. It has the powerful charged strikes of the Glaive class of Divine Instrument and also grants Amaterasu the power of Ink Bullet when equipped.


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Seven Strikeingame

Seven Strike equipped by Amaterasu in Ōkami

  • Although this Glaive is red, the energy it gives off when charging is purple. This may have something to do with the purple streamer.
  • When equipped, the six points on the side of Seven Strike move along the edge like flames.
  • Seven Strike is based on the Nanatsusaya no Tachi (or Chiljido in Korean), a Japanese national treasure that was originally made in the Korean kingdom of Baekje.

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