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Serpent Crystal
Appearances Ōkami
Type Barrier-dispelling crystal
Use Dispelling Orochi's barrier at the Moon Cave's entrance
Found Gale Shrine (Altar on Crimson Helm's chamber)
The Serpent Crystal is an important, albeit unobtainable item that allows entrance to the Moon Cave in Ōkami.


The Serpent Crystal is actually not one crystal form, but eight small crystal spheres that forms into the complete crystal. Each of the eight spheres bears an element of Orochi's heads, and these are arranged by the formation of four spheres at the base, three on the second layer and a single crystal on the top. Although sightings of the Serpent Crystal are only at angles of limited view of the crystal's back, when looking closely, these elements can be made out for each layer of the crystal: Poison, Wind and Darkness and Earth for the base; Fire, Water and Lightning for the second layer; and Light for the top.


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  • In Ōkamiden, there is a similar item with the same purpose of dispelling Orochi's barrier at the Moon Cave's entrance: the Mystic Amber.
    • The coincidence between the Mystic Amber and the Serpent Crystal doesn't stop here. Both items were obtained in dungeons right before the Moon Cave in the storyline; both were obtained (either by Chibiterasu or a different character) immediately after the dungeons' respective bosses battles are completed.