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Sei'an City
Type Settlement
Notable inhabitants Queen Himiko
Enemies Imps
Crow Tengu
Evil Rao
Items Various treasures
Sun Fragment
Stray bead ×11
Appearances Ōkami
Connecting locations

Ryoshima Coast

Sei'an City[1](「西安京」?; Seian-kyō; lit. "peaceful western capital"[2][3][4]) is the capital city of Nippon, found in Ryoshima Coast. It is divided into two areas - the Commoners' Quarter (「庶民街」?) and Aristocratic Quarter (「貴族街」?). These two quarters are connected by the Gojo Bridge. The city has a network of canals running through it, fed by the water source of Lake Beewa.


Sei'an City lies in the center (or edge) of Lake Beewa, a large lake that lies in the bottom of a deep hollow, surrounded by a mountain range, separating it from other parts of Western Nippon as a natural defense. The only access to the city is a steep dirt path between two rock cliffs, leading down from a high ledge at Ryoshima Coast, so thus the elevation of Sei'an City would be lower than sea level. The city spans across the surface of lake Beewa, either by literally floating (which is highly not possible) or by large pillars staked down to the bottom of the lake and supporting the city's mass. The city's lowermost layer is a bed of rock, with a plug as a mean of channeling the water of lake Beewa into the city's canals.

The majority of Sei'an City's citizen is the middle-class people who mainly live by commerce, blacksmith, ferry service, carpentry, etc. These middle-class people live in the Commoners' Quarter. Another part of Sei'an City's citizenry is the upper-class people (aristocrats, members of the imperial family, etc.), who live in the luxurious Aristocratic Quarter.

Commoner's Quarter

Main article: Sei'an City (Commoner's Quarter)
Commoners quarter

The Commoners' Quarter.

The first area of Sei'an City. There is an Origin Mirror near the city entrance, as well as a specialized Weapons Dealer and a Tool Merchant who buys and sells a wider range of items. As its name suggests, this area is populated by the city's commoners.

Aristocratic Quarter

Main article: Sei'an City (Aristocratic Quarter)
Aristocratic quarter

The Aristocratic Quarter.

This area is located past the Gojo Bridge. Rao's lecture hall must be entered to access the rest of the quarter, which contains several buildings including the two separate palaces of Queen Himiko and the Emperor (both palaces are inaccessible at first). This is the last location where Komuso can be found. A Mermaid spring can also be opened near the corner where Benkei eventually takes up fishing as a hobby. Obviously, this area is populated by upper class residents of the city.


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Nursery Rhymes

In the city, there are three little girls who will sing a nursery rhyme if listened to. Two of the girls are located in the Commoners' Quarter, to the far right, below Mr. Flower's house. The third is located in the Aristocratic Quarter, in the middle section, to the right. They are listed in the Ōkami Original Soundtrack as Nursery Rhyme I, Nursery Rhyme II, and Nursery Rhyme III. They are about the Northern Lands (Kamui), Oni Island, and the Water Dragon respectively). The singer of Nursery Rhyme III was the only one given a name, Okuni, while the other two were simply dubbed as "City Dweller". Each can be seen bouncing a ball before Amaterasu listens to them.

Red Girl (Nursery Rhyme I)

"The north wind blows and blows
To the northern sky, evil goes
The north wind blows and blows
In the northern land, evil grows"

Yellow Girl (Nursery Rhyme II)

"The waves part and then we see
A demon face across the sea
Bringing monster in our midst
The face draws closer in the mist"

Okuni (Nursery Rhyme III)

"In the ocean swims a mighty beast
Tis he who keeps the sea at peace
O, what magnificence we behold!
In this Water Dragon, o so bold!"



  • Sei'an City's name in the original Japanese version of Ōkami, Seian-kyō, is a pun of Heian-kyō (「平安京」?; lit. "peace capital"[3][4]), the ancient name of the city of Kyōto, Japan. The in-game capital and the real-life city both share many characteristics, such as a more pronounced presence of Buddhism, proximity to Lake Beewa), and a palace as the house of royalty. The characters that make up Seian-kyō, as aforementioned, mean "western peace capital", which is further a pun on its real-life parallel: Kyōto was the western capital of Japan during the Heian Period (794-1185).
  • Sei'an City is the only human-inhabited location in all of Nippon that doesn't have an Ultimate Origin Mirror.