Each Satomi Canine Warrior bears an orb of a different virtue. The Satomi Power Orbs are the Satomi House's greatest treasure.

Princess Fuse

The Satomi Power Orbs (「八宝玉」?; Hachi hōgyoku; eight jewels) are eight orbs that represent 8 different virtues. They are the heirlooms of the Satomi house. They are also protected by the Eight Canine Warriors. The power orbs cannot be taken or given, they choose who their master is. The orbs chose Amaterasu as their master once all eight warriors have been found and grant her entrance into Gale Shrine. During the battle with Crimson Helm the orbs act as protection from his attacks. Each orb acts like a level of Godhood, allowing Amaterasu to be hit eight times (unless Amaterasu has Godhood) before Crimson Helm starts to damage her.

The Satomi Power Orbs are protected by the following: The Honor Orb protected by Rei, The Faith orb protected by Shin, The knowledge Orb protected by Chi, The Wisdom Orb protected by Ko, The brotherhood Orb protected by Tei, The Duty Orb protected by Take (Gi), The Justice Orb protected by Ume (Jin), and the Loyalty Orb protected by Hayabusa (Chu).

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