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Samurai Dandy is a character encountered in Sei'an City (Commoner's Quarter). In Ōkami, he is one of the people who can be helped as part of a sidequest. Hayazo stole his pocket watch, so if Amaterasu retrieves it he will give her Praise and some food.

In Ōkamiden, If he is talked to, he will give some background information regarding Queen Himiko's death and Sei'an City's afterwards.

The samurai wears richly decorated robes with a yellow, black, and white vest completing the look. He has two white tabi with sandals. He has a large frill around his neck, like those worn by people in England during Elizabethan times, giving him a somewhat western appearance, thus being called "dandy". He has a long samurai sword and a small white fan. Also, he has pale skin, and a long, black ponytail.


  • His Japanese name can be translated as "foreign-influenced samurai" (with critical or negative connotations) and also as "crazy-about-the-foreign samurai".
  • When speaking to Samurai Dandy only as Chibiterasu, he'll mention about Chibiterasu's appearance reminiscent the dog which had once retrieve his stole Pocket Watch.[1]
  • In Ōkamiden, Samurai Dandy will whisper a rumor[2] to Chibiterasu and his partner, mentioning about some members of the miko community of Sei'an City may be enthroned as the next queen following Queen Himiko, due to the miko possessing an important political position in the capital's upper class hierachy. If Kagu is his partner, she'll whisper to Chibiterasu that the miko might be her.[3]


  1. "You look just like a dog I met almost a year ago. He found my watch some {{subst:tt|thief|Hayazo}} had lifted off me. I wonder what happened to him after that..."—Samurai Dandy (Ōkamiden)
  2. "This is just a rumor, mind you... I've heard some Miko in training might ascend to the throne. If that happends, then the Tao Troopers will come back too... Don't tell anyone I told you, OK?"—Samurai Dandy (Ōkamiden)
  3. "*Whisper* I think he's talking about me..."—Kagu (Ōkamiden)

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