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Oina Warrior Samickle
Gender Male
Race Oina
Location Wep'keer
Appearances Ōkami
If you need something from the elder, you must go through me. I'm Samickle, top warrior of the Oina tribe!


Samickle (「サマイクル」?; Samaikuru) is the recently appointed Chief of the Oina, having rescued Kemu from Wawku Shrine.


Samickle comes off rude, harsh, and is described by Issun as stubborn. Upon first meeting him, he introduces himself as "The greatest Oina Warrior". He initially tells Issun to get out of the village as strangers are not welcome. He believes he is better than the rest of the village because of his new position as chief.

Samickle also doesn't believe in the gods as he cannot see Amaterasu's divine markings, he can, however, sense great power coming from her[1].

Despite his rudeness and negative attitude, Samickle has great belief in Oki. The rest of the village thought Oki was a disgrace after he stole the sacred sword Kutone, but Samickle trusts Oki to banish the evil from Kamui. He knows that Oki will do what's right in the end and will eventually get fulfill the prophecy.


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  1. "I sense extraordinary power in this white wolf. But if you do not heed my warning, I'll devour you where you stand! Now be on your way!"—Samickle (Ōkami)