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Wood Sprite Sakuya
Young Wood Sprite Shakuya
Gender Female
Race Wood sprite
Location Konohana
Appearances Ōkami
Background music Ōkami:
Princess Sakuya's Theme
Sakuya's Theme
May the fresh scent of flowers protect you always!


Sakuya (「木精サクヤ」?; Mokusei Sakuya; tree-spirit Sakuya) is the tree spirit found in the Konohana tree planted in Kamiki Village. She summons the goddess Amaterasu to save Nippon once again after it falls into darkness.


Sakuya render

Sakuya's render in Ōkami.

Sakuya, despite being more than 100 years old, looks like a rather young woman. She is fairly tall, and accompanied by a purple aura. Early in the game, she wears a pink kimono and a purple wrap that reveals the top of her chest, her back and her rear. Once the sacred tree of Konohana is rejuvenated, she wears a leaf-like "bikini" and pale pink skirt.

Young "Shakuya" wears an attire almost identical to her older counterpart's, but is much smaller and chubbier, due to being a child. One thing that has remained the same about Sakuya, old and young, is her hair style: her long black hair is tied at the back with two strands parting to the sides at the front of her face, her purple earrings, and the two pairs of leaves that cover her breasts and the other pair found in her hair.


Sakuya is at least 100 years old, proven when visiting her village 100 years ago. At a young age, she used to have a lisp and would pronounce her name as Shakuya, a trait she seems to have outgrown. She is very smart, and has a strong influence over all of Nippon, although admittedly her power has diminished over the years due to the fact that she spent most of her time protecting one given area. Once she feels the darkness of Orochi spread across, she uses quick wits to summon Amaterasu back to life.


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  • Issun stole a portrait of Sakuya from his grandfather, and showed it as his own.
  • Since Sakuya was affiliated with Konohana, she was designed with a "peachy" motif, especially her breasts and rear[1].
  • According to the game designers, Sakuya was to have a third form when she was at her most powerful toward the end of the game in which she wore no clothes but was covered only by strategically placed puffs of mist. The idea, however, was cancelled by Atsushi Inaba[1], but concept art of this form can be found in the Ōkami Official Complete Works and the in-game "Present from Issun" bonus section.
  • Sakuya's name probably comes from the Japanese word "Saku", naturally meaning "to bloom".
  • Although the Guardian Saplings are extension of Sakuya, she never manifests herself at any of these offshoots, but only at Konohana in Kamiki Village.
  • Her name is also likely a reference to Konohanasakuya-hime, an important kami who is believed to prevent Mount Fuji from erupting, and the embodiment of the fleeting transience of human life, as her marriage to the god Ningi-no-Mikoto was said to have made human lives as beautiful yet fleeting as the flowers.
  • As certain scenes in Ōkamiden would seem to imply, like the markings and Divine Instruments that are on Amaterasu and Chibiterasu, most can't see or hear Sakuya.


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