The Sage Shrine (「知玉の宮」?; 「ちぎょくのみや」, Chigyoku no miya</i>; shrine of knowledge's jewel[1]<i>) is a location in Ōkamiden. It lies on the bottom of the sea, and it is home to a writer named Shikibu who guards the Shrine and the Knowing Jewel. The only way to reach the Shrine is through a long, miniature waterway, and the end of this waterway entrance is guarded by the Asteroidean.


After Chibiterasu and Kurow had found the Conch Shell on the Goryeo, the sailors summoned Queen Otohime, who guided Chibiterasu to the Sage Shrine with Nanami, as Kurow is hydrophobic and refuses to go there. In the area around the initial entrance, the Lucky Mallet that could shrink Chibi and Nanami to a minuscule size was found. Sage Shrine was then entered. Traversing a 2D-sidescrolling, trap-riddled waterway, Chibiterasu and Nanami encountered the demon Asteroidean at the end and managed to defeat it. Shikibu was the first person encountered inside the shrine, overcame by demons, and after freeing her, she purified the Knowing Jewel. Immediately thereafter, Genji appeared and took Nanami away with him deep into the Shrine. After Chibiterasu had found Genji and Nanami, Shikibu read into the Knowing jewel and gave them details about Akuro. When finished at the Shrine, Chibiterasu and Nanami returned to normal size and was taken back to the Goryeo by Otothime.



  • The area around the Sage Shrine entrance before the waterway is entered resembles the Lunar Lagoon from Ōkami, complete with seashell treasure chests and massive walls of water.


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